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The International Exhibition of Electroacoustic Music / MUSLAB

  • Espacio Sonoro UAM X, Mexico City Mexico (map)


8  Noviembre - Ciudad de México, México.

Concierto en el  Espacio Sonoro UAM X

Concierto 15:00hrs


Unidad Xochimilco de la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Calz. del Hueso 1100, Villa Quietud, 04960 Ciudad de México, CDMX


The program will be the next:

•       Hannah Hitchen – Clicks – 6’15’’ – United States
•       Misaki Goto – Mademoiselle Chrysalis – 7’36’’ – Japan
•       Patricia Martinez – Conciencia pura de invención – 8’37’’ – Argentina
•       Liliana Borge – Everyday stories – 7’17’’ – Norway
•       Paulina Łuciuk – Zahrozlyva vesnianka – 7’46’’ – Poland
•       María Cecilia Serrano – Litost – 5’10” – Chile
•       Ivonne Paredes - Cuerdas de un pueblo muy lejano - 8’00” – United 

The International Exhibition of Electroacoustic Music MUSLAB is based at 
the Autonomous Metropolitan University Campus Xochimilco, in Mexico 
City. The background of our project is to spread and benefit cultural 
activities about contemporary music, art and new technologies. Our 
concerts are usually didactic and destined to the general public. Our 
goal is to introduce contemporary music and contribute on the cultural 
diversification and the democratization of new music in Mexico.  
Composers are invited to explain their ideas through their pieces, and 
the public can ask questions directly to them at the end of each 

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