· WasteLAnd Season of Concerts (US, 2017).
· Cultural Center Recoleta, Chamber Opera (Ar, 2017).
· Cycle of Contemporary Music, Municipal Theater Gral. San Martín (Ar, 2017)
· New Music Congress, Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory (Ar)
· 2016-2017: NYCEMF | New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (US)
· 2016: International Music Theatre Competition / Staatstheater Darmstadt / Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD)- 48th International Summer Course for New Music.
· Forum IRCAM-WOCMAT 2016, Kainan University Taiwan.
· Classical:NEXT International Festival- De Doelen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2016)
· FIME 2016 (International Festival of Experimental Music) San Pablo, Brazil.
· Festival in Real Time (Bogotá, Colombia, 2016)
· Cycle Image&Resonance IV (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2016)
· Electronic Language International Festival - FILE/Hypersonica (Brazil, 2016)
· Scene Tendencies Congress (University of Palermo, Arg, 2016).
· 2015 International Festival of Electroacoustic Music Muslab. Featured composer. Centro Universitario de las Artes (CUDA). Ciudad Juárez, Chih. México
· XXXVII Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez (México DF.)
· Teatro Julio Castilo y Palacio de Bellas Artes, México DF, “Más allá” (multidisciplinary work) in coproduction with CEPRODAC and
· Córdoba National Radio Auditorium, Ensamble Fractus, 2014.
· Sonoimagenes International Festival, 2014.
· Latin American Chamber Music Festival, Quinteto Latino, SF, 2013.
· First Contemporary Music Meeting, National Art University, 2014.
· Performance by Arditti String Quartet at the National University of Quilmes, 2013.
· Composer invited to the New Music for Memory Festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and the National
  Endowment for the Arts, at the Ecunhi. 2013.
· Composer invited to Contemporary Music Series MICA organized by Jimm Herrera, Technopolis Center, sponsored by the Argentine

· Monograph Concert: WORKS 2003-2012: Composer, singer and performer of electronic media. Cultural Center Spain / Córdoba.
· CONDIT-cheLA Center, with French hornist Delphine Gauthier-Guiche.
· Early Music Festival, Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Singer and director of Ensemble Seraphim, BA, 2012.
· BKA-Theater, Berlin concert, by Seth Josel Trio (2012, Germany).
· ARSON Festival (Mexico, 2012). Invitation to concert and seminar.
· Selected work and guest composer at the MATA International Festival (New York, 2011).

· Tsonami Festival (Buenos Aires 2010, 2011). Composer selected.
· New Music for Memory Festival (NMXLM, directed by Jorge Sad, 2011).
· Technopolis, Government of Argentina, 2011.
· Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA, U.S., 2006-2011).
· SurPlus Ensemble, new works in 2007 and 2008 (Germany).
· Highways Performance Space, In Constant Flux. Los Angeles, California.
· Concerts at Stanford University and CCRMA, 2006-2011 (U.S.).
· CCRMA - Cummings Art Building (Stanford University, USA, 2006-2011).
· KOFOMI International meeting for Composers (Mittersill, Austria), concert and site management, composer in residence, 2005.
· Experimental Center of the Colon Theater, 2005 CETC.
· Encounters 40th International Festival of Contemporary Music, BA, 2005 and 2013.
· Diffusion / University of Limerick, Lyric FM (Ireland, 2003).
· Online Digital Festival (France).
· Performance with Experimental Music assembly 'ThrYzaS "Instant Chavires, Paris, September 20, 1997 (France).
· Synthese'95 Festival, Bourges, June 9, 1995 (France).
· Synthese Festival '94, Bourges, June 11, 1994 (France).
· Projetc d 'exposition Le Havre, January 1999 (France).
· Yjsebreker, Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, 1997/98).
- IRCAM, Espace de Projection, 1997.
· IV Brazilian Computer Music Symposium, Brasilia, August 5, 1997 (Brazil).
· Gigant, Cultural Center, De Ereprijs Ensemble, Apeldoorn, March 1998 (Netherlands).
· Open-Air Electroacoustic Concerts in Brasilia, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, April 4, 1995.
· Créations-recreations, as a piano concert, music of the twentieth century, The Fondation Etats-Unis, Paris, May 2, 1997 (France).
· 1995 and 1997 Electroacoustic Music Days, New Music Montevideo (Uruguay).
· LIVE-Concert Sonoteca, monograph, along with the Spanish composer Eduardo Polonio, Cultural Center of Spain-2001.
· Sixth Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Florida (USA).
· ISCM World Music Days '98 Manchester, 1998 (Great Britain).
· Concert bells, with Llorenc Barber, Santo Domingo Church, director of group, December 1998, Buenos Aires.
· Koninklijk Conservatorium (Royal Conservatory), The Hague, 12 December 1997 (Netherlands).
· H. B. Thom Theater (South Africa).
· Experimenta Festival, Concert as a composer, conductor and piano soloist (1998/2000).
· Miller Theatre, Columbia University (USA), January 21, 2000, Guy Livingston, piano
· FUSION Festival; monographic concert soloist. University of Costa Rica.
· Goethe Institute Lima National Conservatory of Music (Peru), monographic concert soloist. 
· Alternative Sounds Cycle (Contemporary Latin American Art Museum, MACLA, La Plata).
· Cycle: The music comes out of the maze (National Music).
· Sonoimágenes Festival (University of Lanús).
· Urania-Giesso Festival.
· with La Nada Ensemble: The sacrifice / Music and deconstruction: piano, synthesizer: P. Martinez-Flutes: G. John and S. Mascia-Piano
  2: N. Bassi-Clarinet: C. Wiede. La Scala de San Telmo August 1996, October 1996 Templum, Mastembaum December 1995.

· New Music Series, Casa Azul, Buenos Aires.
· Metropolitan Museum of Art.
· New Music Festival in Buenos Aires.
· Red Festival `99. When Art Attacks (Teatro Regio).
· Cycle of MAMbA 2por1 (Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires).
· Buenos Young Arts (Centro Cultural Recoleta).
· Electroacoustic Music Week in Buenos Aires (Recoleta Cultural Center).
· Patio Screen Actors Theatre.
· Cycle of Contemporary Music Theatre Complex of Buenos Aires (TMGSM).
· Latin American Center for Experimental Hipermediático (cheLA), among others.
· Electroacoustic work, University of San Diego (CA, USA 1999)
· Performance, Metropolitan Museum (Arg.2003)
· Solo performance, Domus Artis (Arg, 2003/4.)
· Performance with Gary Hill, music and video art, Museum Caraffa (Cordoba, Arg, 2000)
· Cultural Center Jorge Luis Borges (BA, Arg, 2000)
· Foundation des États-Unies (Paris, France, 1997)
· Journée Portes Ouvertes-I.R.C.A.M. (Paris, France, 1997)
· Korzo Theater (Den Hague, Holland, 1997)
· Experimenta (Chile, 2000) and Experimenta International Festival (Arg. 1997/8/9/00)
· Festival of New Music of Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1999 to 2003)
· Cultural Center Rector Ricardo Rojas Festival (Argentina, 1999/2000/01/02-2013)
· "2por1" of the Museum of The Modern Art of Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2001)
· Festival SonoImagenes at University of Lanus (Arg, 2002)