"Obras Mundos / Works words"

A selection of chamber works that each of this are related to the creation at the same time of new particular "worlds" in different ways/aspects of their artistic concepts. A "contemporary" music, if it could be necessary for classifications, and deeply connected to emotional aspects and take the auditor as a integral part of its creative process as well.  On the other hand, this selection of pieces were performed by very talented international performers and ensembles.

-1 volar     |      to fly
(2011, string quartet and video) Performers: The Jack String Quartet (NY) / Arditti String Quartet



2- un abismo encendido de miradas / an abyss ignited with glances  (2009, voice, violin, cello, percussion and flute) Casa de las Américas Composition Prize Performers: Stanford New Ensemble. Conductor: Martín Fraile.

3- The nature of things / La naturaleza de las cosas
(2008 for trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, bass tube and percussion) Performers: SFSounds Ensemble. Conductor: Christopher Jones

4- Present  |    Presente
(2011, bass clarinet, accordion and electric guitar and video) Performers: Matthias Badczong, Klarinetten; Christine Paté, Akkordeon; Seth Josel, E-Gitarre. First Performance: CCRMA, Stanford University. Berlín performance: June 5, 2012, BKA-Theater. 

5- El mundo caerá en éxtasis a tus pies  / The world will roll in ecstasy at your feet
(2008, SurPlus Ensemble: oboe, trombone, contrabass, percussion)

6- de repente  |     suddenly
(2012 , eight soloist voices)
Nonsense Ensamble Vocal de Solistas. Valeria Martinelli, conductor

7- Tenue brillantez   |     Tenuous Brilliance 
(2007, flute, oboe, percussion, violin, cello and video installation) Surplus Ensemble, Conductor: James Avery

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Casa de las Américas

The new volume of the House of the Americas Composition Prize Collection that includes the work Un abismo encendido de miradas, for voice, flute, violin, cello and percussion, by the Argentine composer Patricia Martínez, who in 2015 deserved the Premio de Composition Casa 2015, was presented - by multimedia format - on April 10, 2017 in the Manuel Galich Hall.


El nuevo volumen de la Colección Premio de Composición Casa de las Américas que incluye la obra Un abismo encendido de miradas, para voz, flauta, violín, violoncello y percusión, de la compositora argentina Patricia Martínez, quien mereciera en el año 2015 el Premio de Composición Casa 2015, fue presentado —formato multimedia mediante— el 10 de abril de 2017 en la sala Manuel Galich.

·       suddenly for eight solo voices (Melos Editions, Argentina), 2013.


·        "I hope / I trust", surrounding the limits of time, Stanford University, 2012. 


·       Seraphim Ensemble (new old music, Sound Art Center), 2012.

·       Patricia Martinez (Sound Art Center), 2011.


·       Nenúfar (chamber work, Melos Editions, Argentina), 2010.


·       Stanford Composers (Innova Records, USA) 2009.


·       Argentina Electroacoustic Music ( 80 Worlds Label) 2007.


·       10 KOFOMI (Ein Klan Records, Austria) 2005.

·       "Do not Panic: sixty seconds for piano" by American pianist Guy Livingston (Wergo Label: WER 6649-2) 2001.


·       Patricia Martinez's music (Independent Production) 2001.

·       Zhéffiro (Independent Production) 2001.

·       Works, Patricia Martínez (Independent Production) 1997/2005.