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Global Music Awards: Gold Medal - Award of Excellence.

  • Global Music Awards 7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, Suite 201 La Jolla, California, 92037 USA (map)

Global Music Awards is a top-tier music competition that honors talented musicians around the world. It is a showcase for musical gems and unique voices. Global Music laurels are a stamp of credibility for gifted, emerging musicians.

Global Music Awards goal is to celebrate truly independent musicians, rather than being like other music talent competitions that honor only the best-selling recording artists. Global Music Awards is a showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists.

As an independent artist, it is always a challenge to build momentum and grow a musical resume that makes people stand up and pay attention. If you win Global Music Awards, it establishes your credibility as well as helping you schedule bookings and secure dates. Mentioning that you have been honored by Global Music Awards will cause people to pause and take more time to consider your music. This will be helpful as you shop your music and seek more promotion, distribution, radio play, etc. The Global Music Awards issues press releases in support of Global Music Awards winners and thus helps Global Music Awards talented artists achieve success. In a nutshell, we allow our winners to use the credibility of the Global Music Awards name to open doors as independent artists.

Our goals are to provide talented musicians with our stamp of approval and generate buzz about their music. We will announce the Global Music Awards winners to our propriety email list of 21,000+ musicians, bloggers, music managers, A&R representatives at record labels, and other music industry insiders. We blog about Global Music Awards winners on our website. We are active on social media and regularly post about Global Music Awards winners on Twitter and Facebook. Our efforts are intended to raise the public awareness of Global Music Awards winners and foster the credibility they deserve.

Winning a Global Music Award honors is a huge accomplishment. It proves that independent musicians can make it outside of the major label system and still be recognized for their work. The artists who win this award are just as talented as some of the biggest artists in the country. Global Music Awards impacts people in an incredibly positive way and fulfills an important role in exposing worthy independent music to a wider audience.

Billboard and Grammy are not the only awards that mean you made great music. Global Music Awards is a prestigious international music competition that brings attention to artists who are traditionally underrepresented by mass media. Global Music Awards are prestigious and are increasingly recognized by industry insiders to give legitimacy to outstanding artists. Beyond the joy of personal validation that winning Global Music Awards brings; Global Music Awards honors gain real attention.

Awards & Prizes

Global Music Awards honors include:

Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Gold Medal Winners - Awards of Excellence
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement

Only one Critics Pick is awarded each entry deadline. No more than 10% of entries receive Gold Medals and no more than 15% of entries receive Silver Medals. The judges may also recognize a percentage of other noteworthy entries.

Bronze Medal Winner - Official Nominee – Musician Being Followed

Global Music Awards has three special honors, each awarded annually to a musician for a group of musicians. Our goal is to say thank you to very special musicians who make the world a better place through their music.

Odyssey Award - Lifetime Achievement in Music

Humanitarian Award - Music Dedicated to Social Justice, Charitable Causes or Environmental Issues

Heretic Award - Protest/Activist Music

Other significant prizes include: Feature Display in Billboard Magazine Prize, Disc Makers’ Hit Single Package Prizes, Mentoring Prize and Music Gateway Prize.

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