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Breve sueño at Classical:NEXT 2016 / Operadagen Rotterdam (Netherlands)

  • Van Beuningen Zaal, DE DOELEN CONCERT HALL Postbus 972 3000 AZ Rotterdam Netherlands (map)


For the second year, the Classical:NEXT programme will include Project Pitches: short video presentations that allow insight into some of the most intriguing and NEXT developments in the art music sphere. The pitches will each be held by the artist or a project representative live on site. The Project Pitches at Classical:NEXT 2016, as chosen by our Jury, will be:

Interdisciplinary diptych: Beyond and The Sleepers

by Patricia Martínez

Commissioned by The Experimentation Center of the Colón Theatre (CETC)
“Beyond” was supported by the IBERMÚSICAS / IBERESCENA Award

‘Breve Sueño’ is composer Patricia Martínez’s two-part meditation on death and the afterlife. In ‘Beyond’ and ‘The Sleepers,’ the artist contemplates the end of corporeal existence and how it informs the way we live. Martínez describes her work as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘exposed.’ It’s also brave, unsettling, and ultimately rewarding.

Choreography and movement design: Melanie Alfie
General production: Barbara Scotto
Performance and light design: Sergio Iriarte
Visual art: Mariela Yeregui
Visual art assistance: Paula Guersenzvaig
Visual art assistance/support: Giuseppina Vignola
Live sound and recording: Gerardo Morel
Costumes and makeup: Colón Theatre
Cameras: Painé Barrientos, Marcos Franciosi / Valeria Martinelli, Patricia Martínez
Photos Michel Marcu
Composition, general direction, video editing and post-production: Patricia Martínez

I - Beyond (2014)
for dancers, video and chamber orchestra

Maria Aguirregomezcorta
Luciana Brugal
Ivanna Ramonino

Conductor: Jose Luis Castillo

CEPROMUSIC Ensemble (Mexico DF)

Percussion: Orlando Aguilar and Juan Gabriel Hernández
Trumpet: Rafael Ancheta
Clarinets: Diego Boxes
Trombone: Alejandro Diaz
Bass: Juan Jose Garcia
Piano: Gonzalo Gutiérrez
Violins: Rafael Machado and Carlos Lot
Cello: Roxana Mendoza
Flute: Diego Morábito
Oboe: Carlos Rosas
Horn: Betsy Segura
Bassoon: Ventsislav Spirov
Viola: Alena Stryuchkova

Experimentation and Production Center for Contemporary Music (Mexico)

Technical, operational and logistical coordinators: Ellery Tiburcio Bautista, Marcela Retana
Studio recording, in July 2014, Mexico DF.
Text: Beyond (2014), Patricia Martinez


II - The Sleepers (2014/2015)
for five voices and ensemble

Dancers: Luciana Brugal, Ivanna Ramonino

Breve sueño Ensemble

Tenor: Facundo Echeverria
Soprano: Lucia Lalanne
Tenor: Esteban Manzano
Mezzo: Veronica Nostro
Soprano: Nadia Szachniuk

Trombone: Pablo Fenoglio
Clarinets: Federico Landaburu
Cello: Carlos Nozzi
Bass: Carlos Vega
Percussion: Arauco Yepes

Conductor: Santiago Santero

Assistant musical conductor, voice teacher trainer: Diego Ruiz

Texts from Testi orientali inediti dormiente di sopra I sette Ephesus
(IV d.C) collection and translation of Ignacio Guidi (1884-1885);
Death Be Not Proud (1609) by John Donne.

Translation and phonetic from Coptic: Diego Santos

Translation and phonetic from Syriac: Hector Ricardo Francisco

Selection of texts: Patricia Martínez


Experimentation Center of the Colón Theatre (CETC)

Director: Miguel Galperín
Artistic producer: Maria Eugenia Troisi
Technical producer: Omar Duca
Production assistant: Luciana Rico
Assistant director: Eugenio Monjeau
Assistant director: Carlos Sampedro
Administrative Assistant: Ana Rosa Benitez and Carla Antonelli


Marcelo Topuzian, Miguel Galperín, Alfredo Morelli, Bruno Lo Bianco, Estudio Libre, Sam Nacht, Esteban Insinger, Fischerman Diego, Paul Gianera, Federico Monjeau, Barbara Reiter, Julio Flores, Camila Juarez, Juan Gonzalo, Rosa Suarez Gonzalez, Noelia and Luis Mariani (Instrumental Trans Group of Argentina), Sebastian Leah, Alejandro Parra (Institute of Paranormal Psychology), up Trilce, Rodrigo Alonso, Michel Marcu, Monica Goldstein, Fernando Sambade, Maria Rosa Reinoso, Painé Barrientos, Marcos Franciosi, Valeria Martinelli, cast and crew CETC and Colon Theatre, and to my grandphaters and Baratito from the beyond.


Presentation at Classical:NEXT  supported by INaMu - INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE LA MUSICA and Fundación Sgae